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Exclusive Designs

Christine Sadler's unforgettable jewellery has emotional meaning, strengthening the bond between the wearer and the gift giver. These pieces are not about her, they are about you and the people you love.

Made in very limited numbers and only available exclusively from this website and her retail shop in Ayr, Scotland, each item is handcrafted in the UK. This means you can have the advantage of getting something really special without the wait because most items are kept in stock, available for next day delivery, which is free in the UK.

In addition to the collections in our online shop, we also customise any item so if you see something while browsing and want it slightly different, please get in touch to discuss it. Some alterations can be made in a few days.

Christine Sadler also creates one of a kind pieces through her online commission service. Commissions can take several months from design to completion. Perfect if you want something extra special and you have the time to go through the unique design experience.

On this page you will find a short description of each collection that you can click into to explore all the pieces from that family of jewellery. You can also search for specific things like rings or necklaces using the shop option in our main menu.

If you would like to speak to a jewellery expert you can contact us via whatsapp 07749890107 or by email or through our social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We are available to answer questions and to offer suggestions for your ideal gift.

Affinity by Christine Sadler

The Affinity collection lets you build a collection of all the things you love that make you who you are. The pieces can be hand engraved with a name, a place, a date or anything you want that reminds you of a special person or moment in your life. They can also be set with small gemstones. This collection is perfect for adding to throughout your life, making perfect gifts for anniversaries or even to celebrate the birth of a child.

Prices start at £80

Afternoon Tea by Christine Sadler

Sugar and spice and all things nice. This jewellery collection is inspired by sweet treats.

Prices start at £85

Beautiful by Christine Sadler

A gift from this collection means someone knows you are beautiful inside and out. The beautiful collection expresses the idea that real beauty is a combination of both the physical and spiritual aspects of a person. Most jewellery designs don't have decorative detail on the areas that other people don't see, but the beautiful collection is engraved with the phrase "beautiful outside" on the outside and "beautiful inside" on the inside.

Prices start at £60

Bella Figura by Christine Sadler

Bella figura is an Italian expression that is so much more than the literal translation beautiful figure. It describes not only physical beauty but also an attitude of making life beautiful for those around you. This collection celebrates the women who invented ingenious shapes of pasta and passed the skills on to their daughters along with the stories behind each shape.

Prices start at £90

Cairn by Christine Sadler

A Cairn is a Scottish word to describe a tower of stacked stones. Cairns are usually found on highland paths and sometimes have stones which jut out to mark the way. The Cairn collection is designed to be stacked in a variety of different ways and can be set with any colour of gemstone.

Price start at £80

Cocktail by Christine Sadler

Cocktail rings first became fashionable in the 1920s and 1930s. The casualties of the First World War left many women single but they gained new freedom, entering the work force on a more equal footing with men and winning the right to vote. With their new found financial independence, they bought beautiful cocktail rings for themselves. A cocktail ring has now become synonymous with independent women who know what they want and go after it without needing permission from anyone.

The quirky design of the cocktail glass, which holds the stone, fits into the ring which has a “straight up with a twist” unique fitting. This means you can change the colour of the stone as the mood takes you.

Prices start at £1280

Designer Genes by Christine Sadler

Designer Genes is a playful name for this collection of jewellery that is inspired by the double helix. The discovery and decoding of DNA has been perhaps the most important biological work of the last 100 years and it has revealed fascinating facts about our relationships with our immediate family and ancestors. It wasn't a symbol for family until our generation and that makes a gift from this collection extra special.

Our DNA is not visible to the naked eye, just like our family bond but we know that it is there. The beautiful twisted ladder shape of the structure of the double helix in these designs is an elegant way to bring to life this invisible bond.

Prices start at £125

Embrace by Christine Sadler

Happy and fulfilled people embrace life and treasure the relationships they have with others. The embrace collection has a solid shape that melts to allow two encircling rings to clasp it. It in turn holds the two rings within its form.

Prices start at £85

Falling Star by Christine Sadler

We wish the best to happen to those we love. For thousands of years, people have carried items of jewellery as good luck charms. You can create your own luck to a certain extent if your thoughts and hopes are positive so this collection was designed to have stars falling so you have a reminder to make as many wishes as you desire. Give a piece from the falling star collection and you will give a bit of luck to call on when it is needed.

Prices start at £205

From the Heart by Christine Sadler

Your true feelings come from your heart and a gift from this collection will serve as a constant reminder of how much you care. The collection combines hearts and arrows which can be set with diamonds and birthstones or can be engraved with initials.

Prices start at £55

Hero by Christine Sadler

Being a Hero means standing up for what is right, often against powerful opponents. Hero represents the courage and determination of those who sacrifice their own comforts to fight for the good of others.
The pieces in this collection are all different. There is no way to make two identical. The sterling silver is heated until the surface melts. As it cools, it forms unique patterns on the surface. The pieces are then hammered, cut, scratched and drilled. They are basically harmed in every way possible. Rather than try to disguise the history of their experiences, these pieces proudly display the beauty of what they have been transformed into. In addition to the surface decoration, the pieces have a single diamond set in them and a hole. The Celts believed stones with holes were lucky and built tombs for warriors to set their souls free. The diamond represents strength and the hole brings luck for a free thinking spirit.

Prices start at £150

Kiss and Make Up by Christine Sadler

The strongest relationships are built on the ability to fall out but to always overcome the inevitable conflict that living together causes. The two separate pendants in the kiss + make up collection are designed to move so they can “break up” but always “make up” again in a kiss.

Prices start from £685

Knot The End by Christine Sadler

Some people believe that nothing ever ends, but simply continues in a different form and that all endings are beginnings in disguise. Knot the end is a quirky and humorous interpretation of this idea. Each knot is hand tied and therefore unique. The twists and turns symbolise the unique journey we experience in our life time. Every piece of Knot the end can be stone set with diamonds or coloured gemstones and is also available in gold.

Prices start from £85

Make Waves by Christine Sadler

Well behaved women rarely make history.

This collection of jewellery is hand carved to create wave shapes that catch the light beautifully. A confident statement.

Prices start from £75

Ripple by Christine Sadler

The undulating forms of this collection give the illusion that the metal is fluid and moving. The “ripple effect” is a term used to describe how our actions can affect the people and things around us reminding us to be the change we want to see.

Prices start from £140

Slingshot by Christine Sadler

There is something intrinsically playful about slingshots. They are associated with mischief makers and laughter. This design which holds a trillion cut gemstone very securely has a sense of fun. One curved edge of the stone is cupped by the metal with a V shaped claw opposite. It looks poised to launch and protect the wearer. The inspiration for this design was to create something using stones that would act as a symbol of protection and a slingshot was the perfect creative solution.

Prices start from £795

Stay Together by Christine Sadler

Millions of chance encounters have resulted in you and your loved ones meeting and now that you have found each other, we want you to stay together. The two forms, one matt, one polished are held together by a gold bond to symbolise the special relationship that you share. So whether it is your partner, a friend or a work colleague, stay together is a piece of jewellery that expresses your appreciation of the relationship you share and your desire to keep it strong.

Prices start from £155

Twist by Christine Sadler

Twist is an elegant, feminine design that contrasts the sexy polished exterior curves with the sleek smooth interior by twisting in the middle. The pendant in this collection is particularly popular because it is reversible, being matt on one side and polished on the other.

Prices start from £135

Zeus by Christine Sadler

Zeus is a playful collection of jewellery born from a love of ancient myths. In addition to his erotic escapades, Zeus was the patron of hospitality and of guests and the keeper of oaths. The dynamic zig zag lightning bolt shape, synonymous with the greek god, symbolises the energy of someone with a lust for life. The Zeus collection of jewellery is designed for lively outgoing social personalities who can be trusted to keep a secret.

Handmade in our workshop in Ayr, Scotland, the pieces in the Zeus collection are handset with brilliant cut diamonds and can be customised to come in any precious metal, with any combination of gemstones and even with your own personal message hand engraved. This collection of jewellery is made in very small numbers and only available on this website or in our shop in Ayr making it very exclusive.

Prices start from £150