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Hundreds and thousands ring

£325.00 GBP

Afternoon Tea by Christine Sadler

Hundreds and thousands, sometimes called sprinkles are brightly coloured sugar decorations found on doughnuts, fairy cakes, ice cream and other delicious treats. Perhaps considered more as a decoration for children's food, they remain in our hearts as the treat associated with parties and fun. 

This hundreds and thousands ring design features four different coloured sapphires and a diamond handset into a court shaped silver band that has a criss cross texture hand engraved. Coloured sapphires have a vibrant sparkle and an intense depth of colour. This ring has a purple sapphire, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire and a pink sapphire. The diamond is brilliant cut as are the sapphires. Each stone is 1.75mm in diameter, approximately 0.02ct each. 

The sterling silver ring is 5mm wide.