About Us

Christine Sadler is a jewellery designer, goldsmith, diamond setter and entrepreneur. Together with her husband, they created Christine Sadler Unforgettable Jewellery in 1999 to revolutionise the jewellery world. Their passion is to make jewellery with meaning, connection and beauty. 

Jewellery designer Christine Sadler with her husband

The origins of jewellery are in the gifting of tokens of affection and appreciation or wearing items with deep spiritual significance, made from simple materials such as twigs, stones and feathers. Somewhere along the way, this meaning has been lost in the greed of corporations and cheapened by businesses who want people to buy their branded products for vanity reasons. It becomes more about the brand than it does about the customer. This was what Christine and Christopher wanted to change. They wanted their jewellery to have special meaning to their customers and for their customers to be the most important part of their business. This desire gave birth to their exclusive collections which are imbued with the meaning of all things that make life special; family, friends, home. You can see this same spirit in the commissions and customised pieces they have created since 1999. They want you to own less and have it mean more. They want people to take care of the things they love and appreciate the simple things that make life special. They want a better life for everyone. They haven't revolutionised the jewellery world. They realised that they are too small and insignificant to do this and that most customers would rather shop with large corporations but in their journey to make change, they have made memories and connected with the most amazing people who do care about being part of something very special. Bespoke-environmentally-friendly-engagement-ring-design


Christine and Christopher opened their retail boutique in 1999. Having trained in jewellery in Glasgow and worked for both small independent jewellers as well as for a large high street jewellery retailer, their business married Christine's skill in design and experience in jewellery to Christopher's natural talent for business and extrovert personality. Their unique blend of talents earned the business several prestigious awards including Shell Live wire regional winner 2001, Royal Bank of Scotland PSYBT group business awards winner 2002, Business Insider “Rising Star” 2002 and Retail Jewellery awards Best New Store finalist in 2003. Their boutique showcased a selection of international and UK based jewellery designs alongside Christine's own work.

Jewellery is a highly competitive market but even as a new designer Christine’s designs caught the attention of the blue-chip company Johnson Matthey. Johnson Matthey is responsible for the promotion of platinum jewellery sales globally and after seeing Christine’s designs at Earl’s Court Jewellery show, they chose her work from everyone in the world to feature on their worldwide promotional material for platinum jewellery. The combination of the quality and the innovative design of her products was what impressed them. Images of Christine’s designs are highly sought after by journalists around the world with her work being featured in a diverse number of publications from fashion magazines to science journals.

Christine and Christopher work together and they are both perfectionists. They personally select and check every gemstone that is set in their designs as well as quality controlling every piece before it is ready for sale. They design together and they have come to know that unless they are both in agreement about something, it won’t be the best choice. Working as a couple is hugely rewarding for them and has deepened their communication skills and relationship. It brings a uniquely personal experience when shopping for an engagement ring or wedding ring to interact with the owners of the company who are married. They have created a unique environment. Relaxed and informal with a focus on exclusive designs that can be customised or tailored to suit the individual personality of every client. With a deep commitment to customer service both Christine and Christopher are available seven days a week. When you call their boutique you will be speaking with either one of them and out of shop hours you can contact them by email or Whatsapp. They have lived and breathed their business since 1999 and nothing is more important to them than ensuring your experience shopping with them is unforgettable.