How To Measure A Ring Size

One of our most frequently asked questions is how to measure a ring size. 

The best way is to order a set of British ring sizers in metal. Something like these ones are perfect. 

Plastic sizers or rubber ones don't give accurate sizes because they flex and they also offer a different sort of resistance to a metal ring. The same goes for measuring using string or paper. It will flex. Also, people forget that the ring has to go over the knuckle and so measuring where the ring sits isn't accurate. 

If the ring is a surprise, another common mistake is to use a ring that the person wears. Often a woman will wear a dress ring that isn't the perfect size because she couldn't get it in her size and doesn't mind too much because it isn't expensive, so she isn't worried if she loses it. The other issue can be that people's fingers on different hands can be different sizes so unless the ring fits perfectly on the finger she wants to wear the ring on, using an exisiting ring isn't a good idea. 

The benefit of ordering metal ring sizers is that you can try on lots of different sizes until you find the one that feels perfect. It's also even better than being measured at a jewellers because you can try the same ring size on at different times of the day, month and even in different temperatures to check that the size you think you want is comfortable at all times. 

If you don't know the size you want and want to surprise someone, we suggest taking the ring we have in stock rather than commissioning it in a specific size. That way the person can see the ring, decide what finger they want to wear it on and then return it to be exchanged if it doesn't fit. We accept returns of stock rings within 14 days of you receiving the item but a commissioned ring in a particular size cannot be exchanged or returned. 

If you have any questions about ring sizing please get in touch and we will try to help.