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Hundreds and thousands bangle

£385.00 GBP

Afternoon Tea by Christine Sadler

The Afternoon Tea collection is a jewellery collection of sweet treats. 

The Hundreds and Thousands bangle is handmade in sterling silver. It is matt finished on the outside and inside. There are diagonal lines hand cut into the outside surface to give a unique pattern on every bangle. Between the diagonal cuts, there are gemstones which are set by hand. You can choose which gemstones you'd like set. In the bangle photographed here there are different coloured sapphires and a diamond. There is a blue sapphire, a yellow sapphire, a diamond, a pink sapphire and a purple sapphire. This joyful collection of gemstones is a very interesting talking point, especially when many people don't realise that sapphires come in other colours than blue.

Choose any colour scheme you want or set with different birthstones. You can also have this bangle set with more or fewer gemstones and it can also come all polished if your prefer. 

The bangle can come in any size.