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When we say you can customise our collections, we really mean that. You can change the metal that it is made of, the scale of the piece, the finishes or the size of the stones. 

On this page we’ve added some examples of what customers have requested in the past but please get in touch to ask about your own personal ideas. On our blog page you can see some examples of one-off items that aren’t part of our collections that we have designed and made for customers.


The pendant on the left is from our Clarity collection and the one on the right was customised by changing two of the stones to different shades of green.


The second image is a ring is from our Bella Figura collection. The first image on is a version of this design in white gold set with a diamond that belongs to the customer. The third image is also in white gold and is pave set with six round brilliant cut diamonds.


The sapphire ring on the left is in our gemstone set engagement ring collections. The ring on the right was customised by the customer who wanted a ring in yellow gold for his fiancee.


The second image is a moving pendant from our Kiss and Make Up collection. The first image has been customised for a ruby wedding anniversary. The customer wanted the ruby set so it looked like it was a ruby on the hand of one of the sections. The 3rd image is of a pendant made as a gift for a best friend. It has been set with an amethyst for the woman's birthstone and engraved with an infinity symbol.

This is a necklace which is from our Affinity collection. The customers chose to have the rings spaced out across the front of the chain facing forward instead of looped onto the chain through the holes. They selected the rings in a mixture of silver, rose gold and yellow gold and had the names of grandchildren engraved on them to give as a joint gift from brothers and sisters to give to their mum. 


The first image is a ring from our Follow Your Heart collection. The second image is a customised version for a David Bowie fan who wanted a gold star instead of the heart and the words Moonage Daydream engraved on the ring. 


The second image is our iconic Gingerbread Baby. Made in either silver or gold and set with black diamonds. The first image is a customised version with birthstones for buttons. The third image is of limited edition versions made at Halloween with the gingerbread babies dressed up as Scary Biscuits!


The second image is of a pendant from our Knot The End collection. It comes in silver or gold. The first image is of a customised version with a red crystal heart. The third image is another customised version set with and opal and with a wedding ring integrated into the knot to commemorate a husband who had passed away. 


This is a customised piece from the Knot the End collection too, only this time the piece is much larger. This item is a piece of sculpture that was made for a couple on their pearl wedding anniversary as an object they could display in their home and both enjoy. The gold sections are from bangles he had given his wife when they were younger that she no longer wore but which had been on a large part of their journey together. The pearls were also bought on their travels. The object is a kind of game as it can be turned on different sides and the pearls placed in different locations. 

These are just a few examples of how it is possible to customise our designs. Get in touch to discuss your ideas to get the perfect gift.