We want our jewellery to be perfect for you so when we say you can customise our designs, we really mean that. If you see something that you like on our website but you wished it could have been slightly different then get in touch to discuss your ideas. 
You may like a ring design but prefer it with a different gemstone. That's possible. If you like a pair of earrings but want the fittings to be different, just ask. Love the design of a pendant but wish it had a larger stone? That can be made. See something in silver and want it in platinum? Absolutely something we can do. All of our designs can come in any precious metal, in any finger size and with any chain length or style of your choice. You can also personalise our designs with hand engraving of your choice. 

In addition to customising our designs we design and make jewellery by commission. Our design experience allows you to be part of the creation of something with specific meaning that only you can give.

These are just a few examples of how it is possible to customise our designs. Get in touch to discuss your ideas to get the perfect gift. 



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