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Stay Together ring

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Stay Together by Christine Sadler.

Millions of chance encounters have resulted in you and your loved ones meeting and now that you have found each other, we want you to stay together. The two forms, one matt, one polished are held together by a gold bond to symbolise the special relationship that you share. So whether it is your partner, a friend or a work colleague, stay together is a piece of jewellery that expresses your appreciation of the relationship you share and your desire to keep it strong. The pieces in the Stay Together collection are handmade in our workshop in Ayr. 

This is a solid silver overlapping ring all polished with a matt silver detail on one half of the ring at the front. It is secured with a solid 9ct yellow gold wire that is wrapped around the ring. Customers who have bought this ring love the sentiment behind the gift and the fact that something so special can be worn everyday and matches in with their own jewellery, be it gold, silver or platinum. Rings from the stay together collection have been bought as promise rings because of the meaning behind the design.

This ring design can come in silver with yellow gold or silver with rose gold. 

The ring is 4.5mm wide by 3mm deep at front tapering to 3mm wide by 2mm deep at back with 9ct gold detail at front

This ring can be handmade in any size of your choice. We recommend seeing the ring in a stock size and then to commission it in your preferred size if you decide you would like it. This way, you can return it within 14 days for a full refund after seeing the stock ring if you decide not to order it in your size. 

This ring is normally in stock and if ordered before 3pm, can be delivered before 1pm the following day, boxed and gift wrapped.