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Handmade silver twist bracelet

£125.00 GBP

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This is a handmade sterling silver bracelet which has elegant twisted links that look like miniature sculptures. Each link has three matt sides and between each face of the link is a polished ridge that catches the light. This design has the warmth and glow of pearls but with a flashing sparkle. The rounded forms allow the bracelet to glide perfectly up and down with the movement of the wrist. Every link in this design is soldered closed and it comes with a very strong sterling silver clasp. There is a matching necklace to go with this bracelet. The links are the same size so it is possible to fasten the bracelet into the necklace to wear it longer over jumpers making the set really versatile. 

Featured in 19.5cm length

All of our chains are supplied by a quality british chain manufacturer and each item is inspected in our workshop before it is ready for sale.