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Trillion cut diamond Slingshot ring in platinum

£3,500.00 GBP

Slingshot by Christine Sadler

There is something intrinsically playful about slingshots. They are associated with mischief makers and laughter. This design which holds a trillion cut gemstone very securely has a sense of fun. One curved edge of the stone is cupped by the metal with a V shaped claw opposite. It looks poised to launch and protect the wearer. The inspiration for this design was to create something using stones that would act as a symbol of protection and a slingshot was the perfect creative solution.

This diamond ring from the Slingshot collection is set with a 6mm trillion cut diamond. The carat weight of this stone is 0.35ct but this fancy cut gem looks considerably larger than a 0.35ct round brilliant cut diamond which would measure around 4.5mm in diameter. At 6mm, this diamond looks closer in size to a a round diamond that is about 0.75ct.  Set in platinum, this ring would make the perfect engagment ring for someone looking for a design that is special and different to a traditional brilliant cut diamond. 

H Colour VS clarity