Want A Closer Look? See online jewellery in person.

jewellery studio where you can view items in real life

We have had a physical shop since 1999 but, since January 2024, we have gone online only because we don't feel the high street offers a safe, enjoyable experience for customers. We want our online shopping experience to be even better than our boutique was and we want to explore virtual ways to give our customers a fun shopping experience that suits their busy lives. We are excited to work with you to deliver the best online shopping experience. 

We are able to offer customers a personal shopping experience by either using the online chat button or chatting with us on WhatsApp or by phone on 07749890107. We can also provide an in person shopping experience at our studio in Ayr where you can see our jewellery designs in person. Browse online, make a list of your favourites and then book an appointment to come and see them in person. It's the best of both worlds with free parking.

At our studio, you can also discuss a remodelling commission. It's the perfect, private space to relax and take your time over the important details of your jewellery commission. 

You can also choose wedding rings or engagement rings in the evenings or weekends. Just message us to make an appointment.

jewellery designer studio

If you aren't local to Ayr, you can make a shortlist of items you are choosing between and we can send you photographs of them next to each other to help you to compare them. 

If the website photographs and videos don't show you a detail you want to see, simply message us and we can send you a new video or image of the view you want to see. 

We also are able to send samples and loose gemstones during a commission process to allow you to get a real life feel for your design as it is being made. 


wedding ring commission

We would love to hear new ideas of how you would like to shop with us online so we can trial those ideas and add them as a growing list of service that are specifically tailored to the needs of our customers. We value your feedback.