Jewellery Remodelling

Remodelling jewellery is a wonderful way to breathe new life into family treasures. 

We design and make jewellery using gemstones that have sentimental value but we don't use the metal that the items are set into. We unset any gemstones and return the metal to the customer. We don't melt down gold or platinum because metal should be refined and realloyed before being used to ensure that the quality of the metal can be guaranteed. Some people choose to sell the metal we return to them to pay in part or full for the commission. That's something that can be done by taking your gold or platinum to a company with a metal dealers licence, such as Ramsdens.

Since 1999, we have been working with customers remodelling items that belonged to their family members and creating treasured pieces that they wear every day and which remind them of their loved ones. The knock on effect of this is that their children will have a special connection with this new piece of jewellery. Otherwise, people have things lying in boxes that have no meaning to generations who have never met the person who wore it. 

We have a beautiful, relaxing studio in Ayr where you can meet with us and discuss your commission face to face. Just get in touch to have a brief chat about what you would like and then we can make an appointment to discuss the remodelling of your old jewellery into something unforgettable. 

jewellery studio in Ayr Scotland

Here are a few of our remodelling commissions that we have shared on Facebook. 

To discuss your remodelling commission, get in touch.We can chat by email, whatsapp or through private messaging on any of our social media and if you would like to to visit our studio in Ayr to show us your jewellery that you would like remodelling, just get in touch to book an appointment.