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Cathedral three stone diamond engagement ring

£2,650.00 GBP
Total carat weight

Cathedral three stone diamond engagement ring

This spectacular three stone diamond engagement ring was designed to create an uplifting feeling of light and joy.

The side of the setting is inspired by the architectural forms of Cathedrals which added height, drama and an uplifing sense of spirtuality to a place of worship. The sweeping curves hold the diamonds securely and add beauty and movement to the side of the ring.

An engagement ring is a solemn vow but also an exciting beginning to a life together. The three diamonds represent the past, the present and the future. 

The two outer diamonds are set with six claws which accentuates the round cut. The centre diamond is also set with six claws but the middle claws are closer together which gives the diamond the illusion that it is growing. Changing the proportions on the centre stone also adds a touch of elegance to the largest diamond.

This ring can come with different diamond sizes and qualities. There are a few options priced here but you can get in touch with your budget and we can give you sizes that would fit. It is priced in platinum but is also available in yellow, rose or white gold. The video and the image of the ring on a finger show the 0.50ct version. There is also a video of a commissioned diamond engagement ring in this cathedral design but with larger diamonds.