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Stay Together 9ct gold ring

£635.00 GBP

Stay Together by Christine Sadler

The Stay Together collection was designed to show a strong bond. That could be a friendship or a relationship with a family member or partner. 

The ring in this collection is completely handmade and each one will vary slightly. The design takes a single piece of 9ct yellow gold that is formed into a ring that twists as it reaches the front so that the flat sides turn to face each other. One side of the ring is matt finished and the opposite is polished. It is as if two different parts meet even though they are from the same source. To symbolise the bond, the ring is drilled at the front and a gold thread is wrapped around, creating two more gold bands. 

This ring design can be made with all yellow gold as pictured here or with yellow gold and a white gold detail at the front. It is also available with silver and yellow gold or silver and rose gold. 

This ring can be made in any finger size. The ring measures 4mm wide by 3mm high at the front and 3mm wide by 2mm deep at the back.