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Falling star petite gold necklace

£305.00 GBP
precious metal

Falling Star by Christine Sadler

We wish the best to happen to those we love and for thousands of years, people have thought of falling stars as opportune moments to ask for their heart's desire. You can create your own luck to a certain extent if your thoughts are positive so this collection was designed to have stars falling so you have a reminder to make wishes on a daily basis.

These petite necklaces are perfect for wearing everyday, giving any outfit the kind of stylish understated look best worn by someone who doesn't need to show off.
Available in 9ct rose gold, yellow gold or white gold, the stars measure 12mm by 12mm and they hang from a 9ct gold curb chain that slides through the hole in the centre of the star. The star lies flat when on, moves and twists to catch the light when you move forward, resting back in place when you move back. The curb chains are delicate but very strong. The rose gold version has a slightly heavier chain than the yellow gold star because we found some of our customers were able to break the lighter version so we used this feedback and now sell it on the heavier version, hence the price difference. You can request the yellow gold or white gold star with the heavier chain if you prefer and it would be the same price as the rose gold version but we don’t think you’ll need to upgrade it. The chains are 18” but can come longer or shorter.