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Fairypools blue sapphire 18ct yellow gold ring

£2,995.00 GBP

Fairypools by Christine Sadler

This unique design by Christine Sadler took inspiration from the fairy pools on the Isle of Skye, a place of incredible natural beauty. The fairy pools are a series of descending rock pools fed by crystal clear waterfalls from the Cuillin mountains. Like a stream that pauses on its journey, white rivers of cascading water fill pools of sapphire blues and greens before continuing on.

The Fairypools ring has a large central blue sapphire that is surrounded by six brilliant cut diamonds that flow down to a further five brilliant cut diamonds on the left hand side of the ring. This copyrighted design features three different styles of diamond setting. The centre stone is held by the settings of the six diamonds on one side and by a single claw opposite them. The setting is curved below the diamonds to echo the basin of the rock pool but the sapphire is visible side on reflecting watery blue light on the inside of the setting as if a slice of the mountain has been exposed for your eyes to dive into. The round brilliant cut diamonds are set in rubbed over bubbles which increase in size as they overflow into five diamonds castle set on the left hand shoulder of the ring. 

This ring is made of 18ct yellow gold. The sapphire measures 6mm and weighs 0.84ct. There are eleven round brilliant cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.22ct.

The Fairypools design is available in 18ct yellow, rose or white gold and in platinum. The rings look amazing stacked together with combinations of different gemstones or with castle set diamonds bands. 

Here's a video of the fairy pools if you want to explore the location that inspired this design.