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Designer genes silver ring

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Designer Genes by Christine Sadler

Designer Genes is a playful name for this collection of jewellery that is inspired by the double helix. The discovery and decoding of DNA has been perhaps the most important biological work of the last 100 years and it has revealed fascinating facts about our relationships with our immediate family and ancestors. It wasn't a symbol for family until our generation and that makes a gift from this collection extra special.

Our DNA is not visible to the naked eye, just like our family bond but we know that it is there. The beautiful twisted ladder shape of the structure of the double helix in these designs is an elegant way to bring to life this invisible bond.

This sterling silver ring is a ladder design with a single twist at the front. It is available to be commissioned in any finger size. 

The ring is 7mm wide at the back and tapers at the front where it twists to 3mm. It rises up at the front to sit 4mm high.