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Cairn diamond 18ct white gold ring

£1,755.00 GBP

This is an 18ct white gold diamond ring from Christine Sadler's Cairn collection. 

A Cairn is a Scottish word to describe a tower of stacked stones. Cairns are usually found on highland paths and sometimes have stones which jut out to mark the way. The Cairn collection allows you to build a collection of jewellery that marks your journey through life.

This ring can be worn on its own or stacked with other rings.

It is set with a 0.25ct round brilliant cut diamond. It's a very clean, contemporary design that is practical for wearing everyday. The rubbed over setting means that there are no claws to catch on anything. The diamond is set with a precise amount of metal rubbed over the edge of the stone to hold it securely. 

The 18ct white gold is alloyed with palladium so it is white before it has a final finish of rhodium. This means that as the ring wears, it will never look yellow like some white gold can.