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We can use gemstones from sentimental jewellery to create something new. We don't use old gold or other unrefined metals. When precious metals are recycled, the pure metal is extracted and then realloyed with new metals to create the properties required which may be to pour at a specific temperature or to be drawn down into sheet or wire. This is an expensive process and as it is done in large batches of metal, it isn't suitable for retaining the sentimental value of an inherited piece of jewellery. We guarantee the pieces we make will be free from manufacturing faults for life so we only use our own precious metals so we can ensure the pieces we make will last. We have used items such as wedding rings in unusual ways without melting them down which is a lovely way to retain the meaning of the piece. If you want to find out more or see examples of how we have used old items of jewellery to make new pieces get in touch with details of what you would like used in a commission.   

Our commissions are usually between £500 and £3000 and above. The cost depends on the precious metal used, the number of stones and how long it takes to make. The best and easiest thing to do is to have a think about how much you would like to allocate to a specific commission and then to get in touch. We can make suggestions that will fit within your budget rather than showing you designs which are more than you want to spend. If what you would like costs less than your budget, we will tell you and you can decide whether to add more stones or to go ahead at a lower price. Similarly, if during the design process you want to add more stones or make a piece of jewellery more complicated, it is possible to do that. 

Commissions generally take around six to eight weeks but can vary to shorter or longer timescales depending on the specific design. If you say at the point you get in touch what date you need the piece for we can tell you if that is possible. 

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