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Knot the End bangle

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Knot The End by Christine Sadler

Some people believe that nothing ever ends, but simply continues in a different form and that all endings are beginnings in disguise. Knot the end is a quirky and humorous interpretation of this idea. The twists and turns symbolise the unique journey we experience in our life time.

This is a handmade unique solid silver bangle from the Knot the End collection. Every item made in the knot collection is one of a kind. The knot bangle opens at the front so it can be a snug fit to the wrist. The fastening is cleverly worked into the design so it's not obvious. This bangle is handmade in our workshop in Ayr.

The knot detail at the front measures 30mm wide by 25mm. This bangle is 62mm wide on the inside by 50mm but it can be made to fit any wrist. The alteration to make it fit is free of charge.