With reason and heart, women can change the world.

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This pendant was made for a girl who went from Scotland to Colombia to fight for women's rights. It is from my hero collection, which was designed to express that a hero is someone who sacrifices their own comforts to fight for the rights of other, often against powerful opponents. The pendant is engraved in spanish "con razon y e corazon" meaning with reason and heart. It is part of a quote that says with reason and with heart women can change the world. The other side of the pendant is set with a diamond in the rough section.

I was commissioned to make this by the girl's mother. She wanted something her daughter could wear to remind her how proud she was of what she was doing and she felt this piece of jewellery was special and would not attract unwelcome attention from people who may want to steal something that looked valuable. My jewellery is not about status, it's about emotion, relationships and love. There is nothing of more value that knowing you have grown up to become your mother's hero <3


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