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Moissanite 9ct white gold earrings

£650.00 GBP

These elegant moissanite earrings feature a very clever design. 

Round brilliant cut diamond earrings normally either have four or six claws that extend beyond the outline of the stone. With four claws a round stone starts to look more square and with six claws you have six raised pieces of metal sticking out. An alternative to this is a fully rubbed over setting where a ring of metal goes all the way around the stone, keeping the outline of the earring perfectly round.

This new design featured here is a hybrid of these two common styles.

This innovative earring design has four claws that hold the stone securely. There is a setting below the stone that gives the appearance of a rubbed over setting but the sides of the stone are open, not enclosed. The four claws rise up vertically from the setting keeping the outline of the design a perfect circle. The setting below the moissanite has been hand carved with V shaped details to increase the play of light around the stone. These moissanites measure 5mm in diameter which makes each stone the same size as a 0.50ct diamond so these earrings have the look of a one carat pair as diamond earrings are described as the total carat when advertised for sale. Set in 9ct white gold this earring design can also come in 18ct gold if you prefer.

Moissanite is a lab grown stone so no mining has been involved in the production of the gem. Lab grown stones have grown in popularity, favoured by people who are aware of the environmental impact of mining. Moissanite is cut with the same precision and skill used to cut a diamond and due to the unique properties of this material, moissanite sparkles more than a diamond. It is almost as hard as a diamond but it is much more affordable. 

There's a great blog with more information on our website if you want to read more about moissanite and see how it compares to diamonds.