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The Makar ring

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The Makar ring by Christine Sadler

A makar is a term from Scottish literature for a poet or bard and this ring design allows you to choose a phrase from a poem or to write your own words that will be hand engraved around the band. 

Photographed here are some examples of ring commissions we have made.

The first is a 9ct rose gold ring, 4mm wide that is engraved with a phrase from the Robert Burns poem A Red Red Rose. It says "till a' the seas gang dry" which is an expression of never ending love. It is hand engraved in an unbroken line and the words are shaped to look like waves of the sea. 

The yellow gold version is photographed in a 5mm width with a phrase that means I love you in Scottish Gaelic. "Tha gaol agam ort" 

This design is also photographed with a chamfered edge detail in white gold, 6mm wide with a polished chamfered edge detail and a matt centre.

This ring design can come in different widths and is available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum, with a phrase of your choice.

This is the perfect ring for poetry lovers who have a special connection to a particular phrase.