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Knot the End long pendant

£240.00 GBP
Knot the End by Christine Sadler

Some people believe that nothing ever ends, but simply continues in a different form and that all endings are beginnings in disguise. Knot the end is a quirky and humorous interpretation of this idea. Each knot is hand tied and therefore unique. The twists and turns symbolise the unique journey we experience in our life time.

These unique solid sterling silver pendants from the Knot the End collection are handmade. Every item in the knot collection is a one off. The images you see are the ones we have in stock at the moment and these images will change regularly.

The knot in these images is 60mm long by 25mm wide and is on a 1.6mm wide sterling silver snake chain 45cm long but these knots can come on a different length or different style of chain if you prefer