A leaving gift for the man who has everything!

A leaving gift for the man who has everything!

Top marks to anyone who can guess the story behind this commission before reading about it!
A GP practice asked me to make this tie pin for one of their doctors. Originally from Aberdeen but moving to Australia they set me a brief of making a tie pin of a Kangaroo and a sheep getting it on. A unique leaving gift and something that would remind him of them even when he was many miles away.
It was one of the most surreal commission discussions.
“Where would one go if one wanted an item of jewellery with two animals coupling?”
Sadly probably here, was my reply. When what they wanted was explained I had to ask some pertinent questions to ensure I got the final design right
“Which one is on top?”
“The sheep is normally the receiver in this kind of transaction.”
“When do you need it by?”
“Maaaaaaaaay” was the bleated reply.
After wiping the tears of laughter away I cried a few tears and did some soul searching about what I am doing with my life. However, I thought if I have to do this, I’m going to make it the best damn kangaroo and sheep shagging tie pin the world has ever seen!
The pin is approximately 6mm high so it is small enough to be worn without attracting too much attention. It is handmade from sterling silver and has a layer of 9ct yellow gold soldered on top of the kangaroo shape.
I’m not expecting any repeat orders of this design but it will always be in a special league of its own in the history of my designs!

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I read the story behind this very unique, I’m sure, pin and actually laughed out loud. It’s always said the medical profession have a wicked, naughty sometimes bizarre sense of humour! This pin ………….. enough said!!

Well done Christine, I’m sure it’s very well worn.

Jen Dalling

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