Beautiful birthstone rings handmade for special birthday gifts

Beautiful birthstone rings handmade for special birthday gifts

It's becoming more and more popular for women to get a large gemstone ring to celebrate a big birthday and a ring with their birthstone in it seems to be the trend at the moment. It's a lovely way to get something really special just for them that they can keep forever. Here are some examples of rings we've made, each ring different and special in its own way. 


The birthstone for January is garnet. Most people think of the browny red colour but garnet can come in lots of different beautiful colours and shades. This is a white gold ring set with a pink garnet.


The birthstone for February is Amethyst. Amethyst comes in different shades of purple and the deeper the colour, the more valuable the stone is. This is a ring with a buff top square amethyst in an exceptional colour. The top of the stone is smooth and rounded but the underneath is faceted giving it an mesmerising quality that you can stare at for hours. The amethyst is accented with princess cut diamonds and set in rose gold.


The birthstone for March is aquamarine. This is a trillion cut aquamarine set in white gold with diamonds in the shoulders. A trillion cut is a triangle with rounded sides. It's a beautiful shape that elongates the finger and adds a bit of drama to a design. 


The birthstone for April is diamond. Diamonds come in lots of different shapes and going for am unusual cut makes a ring really special. This ring was made using a marquise cut and the gemstone is held on both sides by precious metal that flows around the stone and protects the corners of the diamond. This ring is very practical to be worn every day as the stone is set low and has no claws that will catch on anything. 


The birthstone for May is emerald. With an emerald, colour is the main factor. Most emeralds have visible inclusions so with emeralds you aren't looking for something that is flawless but for a stone that is rich in colour. The flaws are sometimes called jardin, which is french for garden because they look organic, like moss, perfect for the earth sign Taurus. This ring has a square radiant cut emerald which is very unusual. The extra facets on the stone give the gem an extra vitality. The emerald has a princess cut diamond on either side of the stone framing and enhancing its colour. 


The birthstone for June is pearl. There is a superstition that pearls bring tears but tears don't only represent sadness. They represent emotion and are there at any excess whether it is sadness or joy. It's all part of a rich full life. 

This ring has a white pearl and a golden south sea pearl set in yellow gold with a diamond in a flower detail on each side. 


The birthstone for July is ruby, a legendary symbol of passion and everlasting love. This is a silver ring we made with a square cut ruby with a single brilliant cut diamond on either side.


The birthstone for August is peridot. Peridot is an olive green gemstone. For those who believe in mystic powers of gemstones, peridot is a symbol of wisdom and purity. This is a ring we made with a large cushion cut peridot in a semi rubbed over setting with a claw set brilliant cut diamond on either side.


The birthstone for September is sapphire. Sapphires come in many different colours including pink, orange and green but by far the colour most associated with sapphire is blue. Sapphire is the second hardest gemstone and when cut, it has a beautiful sparkle. This is a sapphire ring that we made that showcases the beauty of the stone with a simple four claw setting.


The birthstone for October is opal but as opals can be very fragile, especially in rings there is an alternative birthstone for the month of October which is tourmaline. Tourmaline comes in green, pink, red ,and blue, yellow, clear and black. I feel in love with this red tourmaline gemstone in sight. It is a large gem, very deep in colour and it has a checkerboard cut on top. The tourmaline has a round brilliant cut diamond claw set on either side. 


The birthstone for November is Topaz. This is cushion cut topaz set in white gold with diamond shoulders.


The birthstone for the month of December is turquoise or tanzanite. Tanzanite is better for a ring because it is less fragile than turquoise. Good quality tanzanites have a strong, almost magical intensity of colour. I have teamed this pear cut tanzanite with two matching tapered baguette diamonds of exceptional quality that flow into the narrow platinum band. 

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Lovely informative piece and all the rings are beautiful- you kinda wish you were born in all the months ? xx


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