Add colour to your wedding rings to make them more personal.

Add colour to your wedding rings to make them more personal.

If you want to make something really special and personal, colour is a brilliant way of expressing your style and creating something that's anything but ordinary. 

If you choose colours of gemstones and tones of metal that appeal to you then you won't have to worry about the design dating because you aren't following a trend. Wedding rings are a perfect example of something important and beautiful you deserve to have made exactly as you want them. Great marriages have compromises, great jewellery doesn't. 


A customer who bought this gorgeous amethyst and diamond flower ring in rose gold fell in love with the colour combination. She returned the ring for us to make a wedding ring that fitted perfectly with it. We discussed different ideas and looked at a range of gemstones to see what appealed most to her. She selected the exact shade of amethysts and pink sapphires and spaced them out with diamonds. Her husband-to-be chose a 5mm wide court ring in matching metal. The set looks so beautiful together. 


This is another example of a stylish set of rings. My customer commissioned me to make a diamond engagement ring with pale pink sapphires. She added a wedding ring with diamonds and strong pink sapphires and then commissioned an eternity ring with strong pink sapphires, pale sapphires and diamonds that link the two rings together and complete the story. pink-sapphire-bridal-set

Changing the metal colour really changes how the stones can look. In the ring above the white metal highlights the colour of the gemstones and in the ring below, the yellow gold adds warmth to the pink. There are lots of articles online that guide you as to whether you should wear warm or cool colours but personally I think you should wear what you like and what makes you feel good. 


These are just a few examples of what is possible. Pick your favourite metal, pick your colour scheme and we can help you to source the perfect gemstones and make a one off ring just for you. It's the details that will make your wedding day special so don't forget to lavish some attention on your rings. 

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