A ring with a secret meaning.

A ring with a secret meaning.

This is a stunning ring with an incredible story.


I thought about writing a summary of what the meaning was behind the design but there was nothing I could put into words that said it better than my customer did. It is a very personal story and I have asked her first if it is ok to share with you and she said that it was. Here's what she said.

"Hi Christine, I am very lucky to own several (5 I think) pieces of your beautiful jewellery all of which have been customised or individually designed for me. You have played such an important part of my life journey - each piece I own signifies something really important and significant in my life. Some of that has been celebratory in its truest sense, some remind me of difficult periods in my life that I have overcome, all of them have meaning and are very personal and special to me.
The last piece I got made was 6 years ago to commemorate the start of a new journey - we were becoming full time foster carers to a wee boy who has Down’s syndrome. Six years later he is now almost 18 and we have added 2 more amazing children who both have complex and profound learning and physical disabilities to our homes, hearts and lives. Our daughter joined us 5 years ago. She was 11 years old then, blind, with cerebral palsy, a degenerative brain condition, non- verbal, wheelchair user. She functions at the age of a 10 month old. She had had a truly horrific background and was withdrawn, living in her own world inside her head, unable to form attachments or relationships with people. Five years later she is a cheeky, feisty, smiley, noisy girl who is the light and love of our lives. The bond she has with my husband is incredible and so beautiful to see. She idolises him and he adores her. We cannot ever imagine her not being in our lives so on 23rd September we go to the final panel in our journey to adopt her. She will be our daughter forever and we couldn’t be happier. Our first foster child still lives with us and will continue to do so until he is 25, and we fostered another boy 3 years ago, he is life limited and has significant health needs in addition to his disabilities. Both boys are loved by us but also loved very much by their families who will be their advocates to ensure they have the right care as adults. Our daughter didn’t have that, but will now. This is our second marriage for both my husband and I. We have 6 kids (all adults now) between us but none that we had together. We have been together for 17 years and 8 months. Our daughter will be 16 in October. She is the daughter that we would have had together if we had been able to, it feels like some divine intervention / universe / karma / deity or whatever you believe intervened to ensure that this wee girl came in to our lives. She was born to other people but destined to be ours. I would love a ring to commemorate and celebrate our adoption of her and us becoming parents together. I am thinking of a platinum band with 5 stones - one for each year she has been in our lives. It seems really fitting that the stones would be moissanite- a man made diamond for our man made family that has light and sparkle and brilliance that reflects that which she has brought to our lives. I would love you to make it as you have made every important piece of jewellery I own and cherish. "

The final ring design has 5 moissanites to represent the years shared with their daughter and 17 diamonds to represent the years that the couple have been together. I love the secret language and the meaning behind the design.

It is a joy to know that there are people in this world with so much love to give.


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Love.. this story is beyond measure!


Absolutely beautiful ring and the sentiment behind it is truly inspiring! What an amazing woman who is truly worthy of this amazing ring !!

Lorraine Gordon

What a lovely story wishing you all,all the love and happiness in the world sounds a wonderful family and the ring is stunning x


What a wonderful and fabulous story. It never fails to amaze me how memories we make are so intertwined with jewellery.

The lady telling her journey sounds like one strong caring kind soul as does her husband.

Power to them and their family.

The milestones and memories you’ve helped capture with your jewellery designs is more than just a jeweller, that’s a skill to take a story and bring it to life with a tangible touchable creation to spark a memory!


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