A gift for a 30th wedding anniversary

A gift for a 30th wedding anniversary

I have been looking forward to sharing images of a recent commission. I got a lovely email when I was on holiday to let me know that the pendant had been given and that it was a big success.

A man got in touch by email to ask if I could design a pendant for his pearl anniversary. He said his wife really likes swans because of the symbolism that they mate for life. I created four different sketches as a starting point. He liked one of them the most which had the two swans with their necks entwined. I re drew the design to scale and then sent him images of different shades of pearls. He decided to go for one which has a slightly pale blush pink colour. He asked us to engrave the back of the pendant.

I sent him pictures of the pendant as it was made so he could approve each stage and finalise small details like the depth and pattern of the feather detail on each of the swans. We made a sample of the cuts in silver for him to see before we made the final pendant in white gold.
It's a really special necklace that had so much personal input from her husband and I'm sure that is what means the most.

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