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Why Designer Bracelets Make Great Gifts

Designer bracelets and rings are two types of jewellery that bring the most pleasure because you can see them when you are wearing them. Earrings and pendants can be admired by others looking at you, but bracelets and rings can bring joy every day to you and others.

This designer bracelet from our Fairy collection also brings joy to nature as a tree is planted for each one that is sold. Each Fairy bracelet is unique and no two are made the same.

unique pearl designer bracelet with citrine gemstones

While many women will wear the same rings most of the time, bracelets make great gifts because they can be changed often to match outfits and express personal style. This means women can never have too many bracelets. 

This designer bracelet is also one of a kind. It is from our Fusion collection which has pearls and gemstones with contrasting colours that change halfway round for a very stylish look. 

blue gemstone and pearl designer bracelet

Our collection of designer bracelets come in a variety of styles and many can be made to fit women with small wrists or women with larger than standard sizes. Many designers only sell their bracelets in one size but where it is possible, we will alter bracelets or bangles to fit free of charge.

sterling silver designer circle handmade bracelet that can be adjusted in size to fit

When browsing, get in touch to check if the design you like can come in your size.

To work out the correct bracelet size for you, use a soft tape measure and measure around the narrowest part of your wrist. Pull it tight as you would if measuring a waist, don’t allow extra for the size you want the bracelet to be. We will use your wrist size and add extra length so that it sits perfectly.

Bracelets of different designs need different adjustments. For example, a larger link bracelet design needs to be longer than a thin delicate bracelet to feel right. The adjustment is difficult to guess and that’s why it’s best for you to give us your wrist size and the design you want altered so we can do this calculation for you.

This designer silver heart bracelet is set with a diamond. It can also be customised with a birthstone gemstone of your choice.

designer silver heart bracelet set with a diamond


Whether you are looking for a designer bracelet under £500, something with colour and real gemstones, a classic pearl bracelet design or something more unusual, you will find a very exclusive selection in our designer bracelet category. Our Designer Genes bracelet, for example, makes a great jewellery gift for a woman who is a family member. It features a DNA double helix within the almond shaped link bracelet design. This bracelet can be made to any wrist size. It also comes in gold or a combination of gold and silver. 

designer bracelet with dna double helix design, perfect jewellery gift for a family member

We also make designer bracelets over £500 and mostly these are done by commission. If you are looking for a bracelet for a special birthday or anniversary in gold or platinum, get in touch to find out how we can make a designer bracelet that is unique for you.

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