Tourmaline - an alternative birthstone for October

Tourmaline - an alternative birthstone for October

Opal is the birthstone of the month for October but opal is quite fragile and porous and can vary a lot in colour so many jewellery shops don't have a lot of opal jewellery on display. 

An alternative birthstone for October is tourmaline which can come in lots of beautiful colours and sparkles like a sapphire rather than being opaque like an opal. 

This is a red tourmaline pendant set in yellow gold. It's from our collection called Stay Together that symoblises a desire to keep a bond strong. This solid gold 9ct necklace is £565.

Any of our designs can be customised by adding a small pink tourmaline to them and prices to do that start from £30

A popular gift for big birthdays is a coloured stone ring that the woman can wear on her right hand. We have a stunning selection of red tourmaline rings in stock.

This is an 18ct white gold ring set with an oval red tourmaline and eight brilliant cut diamonds. It is £975


This is an absolutely breathtaking ring. It features a very large checkerboard cut red tourmaline with a single round brilliant cut diamond on either side. This ring is £3700.

This classic design is so elegant. A single large red tourmaline is accented with diamonds in the shoulders. This ring is £3000.

Tourmaline also comes in softer colours like pink which look really feminine set in rose gold. This unusual trillion cut pink tourmaline set in 9ct rose gold with diamonds is £895

Tourmaline comes in the most beautiful shades of green too. This is a sheild cut green tourmaline ring that we were commissioned to make.

If you are looking for something really rare and valuable you could opt for the very unusual blue tourmaline called paraiba. We can source and set blue tourmaline in any of our designs. The stone is really magical and looks like it is lit up from within. This is a ring we were commisioned to make as a christmas gift a few years ago.

This is a wedding ring that was made to fit with a paraiba engagement ring.

If you want to discuss a gift for an October birthday and get some ideas on what can be made for your budget, please email or message us.

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