Remodelling old jewellery into something new

Remodelling old jewellery into something new

Many people have pieces of jewellery that they don't wear. Sometimes it is an item that they have inherited or a piece that no longer fits in with other jewellery that they wear now. Rather than leave it lying in a drawer unused a new item can be made using the stones. 

The temptation when remodelling jewellery is to try to find a design that uses all the stones but often choosing a design you like and then using what you need is a better solution. You want to end up with something you love and will wear everyday.

A customer had a very large cluster ring set with many diamonds. She has a piece from my Stay Together collection which combines silver and gold and she also has a gold wedding ring. She tried on a few rings in our shop and chose two that she really liked

diamond-set-ring rose-gold-wedding-ring

One was the diamond set band on the left and the other was a silver and yellow gold version of the ring in the other picture which is silver and rose gold. We combined these two styles and used her diamonds to make the ring photographed below. 


It's amazing that so few diamonds from her old ring have such a big impact in the new design. She has lots more diamonds left to use in additional designs in the future and more importantly a new ring that she will love wearing every day. 

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