Make it personal

Make it personal

Choice is one of the most powerful things in life and the ability to change our designs and offer our customers greater choice has been a fundamental core value of our business. Your choices let you show the world who you are because your choices, more than your abilities, determine the path of your unique story. Being able to customise our designs means you don't have to compromise your style. 

Why don't all jewellers offer this kind of service? Well, because it is a lot more complicated and a lot more work but we love seeing the variations customers request and know that the finished piece means so much more to them because they have had input into the design process. 

There are lots of ways our designs can be customised but take a look at the Battenberg design to get an idea of how just changing the colour combination of the gemstones can really change how a piece looks. 

The original Battenberg ring was made with pink and yellow sapphires to celebrate the cake that some of us remember from our childhood and which for some people trigger happy memories of spending time with their grandparents. The glorious yellow and pink combination is so joyful and vibrant. 

battenberg pink and yellow sapphire ring

In addition to this 6mm version we have also made a narrower 4mm version.

battenberg cake and ring

This is a commissioned version of the Battenberg design with green tourmalines and peridots. The combination of the two shades of green work beautifully together and give the design a fresh and completely different look.

peridot and green tourmaline ring

This is another cake inspired version, a mint chocolate version with green tourmalines and chocolate quartz.

mint chocolate battenberg ring

This is a version of the narrow 4mm ring set with amethysts and peridots. I love the purple and green combination.

peridot and amethyst ring

We have even created a version of this ring in platinum with diamonds. It's a gorgeous contemporary engagement or right hand ring.

platinum and diamond ring princess cut diamonds

One of my customers chose to have four different stones, yellow sapphire, blue topaz, pink sapphire and peridot and the colours look great together. You can see this version on my Instagram account.

The most recent version of this ring that was just finished this week is one with blue and white topazes. The cool colours are very tranquil together, reminiscent of ocean blue when the sun hits the waves. 

white and blue topaz ringring on hand with blue and white gemstones

If this has inspired you to create your own personal colour combination, just get in touch and we can provide you with a quote and a timescale to make your choice happen.
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