Hearts On Fire Diamond Ring

Hearts On Fire Diamond Ring

This is one of my exclusive copyrighted diamond ring designs, created for a customer by commission. It's called Heart's on Fire.

designer heart cut diamond ring with small flame shaped diamond accents
I shared a video of a one carat heart cut diamond on Facebook and a woman saw it and knew at once it was the diamond for her. She asked me to make a platinum ring design that was elegant and timeless but had something about it that made it special.

I designed this ring with the idea of a heart, set on fire. There are tiny flames on the edge of the ring and inside each flame is a round brilliant cut diamond.

Fire is the term used to describe the colourful sparkle from a diamond and the fire in this natural heart cut diamond is incredible.

designer heart shaped diamond engagement ring

After a few years, my customer asked me to make a ring that would sit next to it. The platinum shaped band fits into the original ring and also has small diamonds set in the same flame shape design. Here's a video of the two rings together. My customer plans to add a third ring in the future on the opposite side of the first ring.

While you can find many generic diamond rings online, this ring has unforgettable style.

If you like this design you may also like my Fire rings which can be worn alone or stacked together.

If you would like to have a diamond ring or other gemstone ring that's different and really special, either as an engagement ring, or as this customer has done, to treat yourself, please get in touch to discuss your unique jewellery commission.




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Beautiful, just beautiful and breath taking 💕

Esmeralda Garcia

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