Choosing your own engraving can make a wedding ring really special

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In 2018 I created a ring design inspired by the Robert Burns poem A Red Red Rose. The poem is about unending love. I took a phrase from the poem and it was hand engraved in an unbroken line around the outside of the ring. The phrase is "till a' the seas gang dry". In the poem Burns is saying that he will love until all the seas are gone. The line was engraved like waves on the outside of the ring.

A couple asked me to make matching wedding rings for them. They loved the idea of the unbroken line on the outside of the ring but they had a different phrase in mind. They wanted theirs to have gaelic wording "Tha gaol agam ort" which means I love you.

Language is very powerful and having wording that is really special to you makes a piece of jewellery that you see everyday something extraordinary.


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