A Ring With A Secret Message

A Ring With A Secret Message

Never the same twice.

This gold ring was made for a customer. It is from my Enigma jewellery collection that allows customers to have a secret code added to a ring that only they know the meaning of.

Gold gemstone ring with letters engraved for a personalised secret message

This is a 3mm wide yellow gold ring set with black and white diamonds spaced out all the way round and inbetween each gemstone there is a different symbol that represents the code.

Enigma rings have been made as eternity rings and anniversary rings as well as rings to remember loved ones and happy moments. This is an image of the first one we ever made.

emerald and peridot and diamond handmade ring

You can commission your own Enigma ring by getting in touch through Facebook, Instagram or through my website www.christinesadler.com

We can help you plan the code and provide no obligation quotes for your own unique version.

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