8 of the best coloured stone engagement rings

Some women dream of a single diamond engagement ring and some women want something more bold, something unique and special that they can feel passionately about. Coloured gemstone engagement rings can be a perfect way to express how rare and special your love is.

Exceptional gemstones are all different. No two will look identical. When you buy a ring from a jewellery shop that is on every high street, they will source stones that look identical so they can make hundreds of the same ring for different customers. Stones that can be sourced in their hundreds or thousands aren't rare and special. Our gemstones are sourced from specialist dealers who can trace the origin of the stone. They only ever have one stone that looks identical to the ones we select. If we order a new stone, it will be a different colour and different proportions. Our stones are rare and special. Each ring has a unique setting made to fit the stone perfectly. This makes the stone much more secure. It's a lot more work to make a new ring for each individual stone so the profit we make on each ring is much lower than if we mass produced like other jewellers but look at just how beautiful and special these rings are. The following eight rings are all in my shop and for sale on my website right now. 

This first engagement ring features a handmade platinum engagement ring set with a pear cut aquamarine and diamonds in the shoulders.

Aquamarine’s name comes from the Latin for seawater and it was said to calm waves and keep sailors safe at sea. March’s birthstone was also thought to enhance the happiness of marriages.

The ring was made especially to fit this stunning gemstone. The aquamarine measures 13mm by 8mm and weighs 2.76ct. It has round brilliant cut diamonds castle set on each shoulder. There are eight diamonds in total. G colour VS clarity.

This ring is £2600 and can be ordered on this website and viewed in person in our studio in Ayr.

This second design is a very special engagement ring, one of a kind. It is a trillion cut rubellite set in 18ct white gold with 12 round brilliant cut diamonds, 6 hand set in each shoulder.

Rubellite is the name given to certain shades of red tourmaline. This rubellite is 2.68cts and is an exceptionally strong, memerizing colour

In India, practicioners of yoga affirm that this gem helps to rebuild prana, our vital energy.

This gemstone has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale making it suitable to be worn everyday.

This engagement ring, an exclusive design by Scottish jewellery designer Christine Sadler, is called Slingshot. One side of the centre stone has a rubbed over edge and the opposite point has a V shaped claw. The setting design has a wonderful tension as the stone is poised to protect the wearer.

This ring would make a very eye catching red gemstone engagement ring for someone who loves handmade, quality pieces of jewellery that no one else has. This ring is £3750.


The third coloured gemstone engagement ring in this list is set with pink tourmaline.

Tourmaline can come in many different shades and colours and the ancient Egyptians had a myth that this gemstone, because of its kaleidoscopic nature, travelled from the centre of the earth to the sun along a rainbow. 

This oval cut pink tourmaline measures 8mm by 6mm and weighs 1.46ct. It is set between two round brilliant cut diamonds G colour VS clarity. The diamonds weight 0.15ct each. The ring is made from 9ct yellow gold which brings out the warmth and sweetness of this unique gemstone.

This ring is £2000.



The fourth bespoke engagement ring in this selection is the vibrant and exciting orange sapphire Tartan ring. The Tartan ring design, an exclusive design created by Christine Sadler, is a scottish engagement ring that is very contemporary and able to be personalised. Each Tartan ring can be set with gemstones of your choice.

There are ten princess cut diamonds set in platinum. The centre stone is a absolutely breathtaking orange sapphire that measures 5.5mm square 1.39ct. This stone is natural and has not been treated in any way. This is the first diamond tartan ring design in the world and we are very proud of it.

Sapphires come in a vast variety of colours and shades, not just the blue that most people are familiar with. The intensity of the colour of the orange sapphire in this Scottish engagement ring makes it so unforgettable. 

The fifth coloured gemstone engagement ring in this list is also Scottish. This is a breathtaking ring whose design is inspired by the magical fairy pools on the Isle of Skye, a tiny island just off the coast of Scotland. The fairy pools are a series of descending rock pools fed by crystal clear waterfalls from the Cuillin mountains. Like a stream that pauses on its journey, white rivers of cascading water fill pools of sapphire blues and greens before continuing on. This unique copyrighted design by Christine Sadler features a central round blue sapphire with diamonds bubbling on one side before they flow down the shoulder of the ring. This ring is made from 18ct rose gold and it is £3500 It also comes in other gemstones and in yellow gold or platinum. contemporary-scottish-diamond-engagement-ring-sapphire

The sixth gemstone engagement ring is a unique tanzanite and diamond design. It has a pear shaped tanzanite with two baguette diamonds set in 18ct white gold. The tanzanite is 1.58 carats and the diamonds are 0.18ct of a carat each. It is £4500.

This tanzanite has a very deep intense blue which is only seen in the finest quality tanzanites. Sometimes mistaken for sapphire, tanzanite is found in just one place on earth and is a relatively recent discovery. Tiffany & Co changed the name this blue-violet variety of zoisite in honour of Tanzania, where it was first unearthed in 1967. 


The seventh coloured gemstone engagement ring on this list is Emerald and diamond. This 18ct white gold ring has a 0.41ct radiant cut emerald with a 0.20pt princess cut diamond on either side. Most emeralds are step cut but the radiant cut of this gemstone is much more unusual. It has more facets and this really brings the emerald to life. The ring is made with a sweeping upward setting that allows a wedding ring to sit next to it without it needing to be shaped. 

Total diamond weight 0.40ct, total emerald weight 0.41ct.

This ring is £3995.



The final ring on our list is another Scottish engagement ring from the Tartan collection. 

In Christine's words;

"The inspiration for this collection was the Isle of Bute. The name of the island may come from an old Irish word meaning "fire" which is perfect for a diamond. I wanted the centre diamond to look like a rock rising out of a Scottish sea. The setting of the centre princess cut diamond holds the main stone above the checkered Argyll pattern of watery blue sapphires below. I think of all the variations of this design I have made, this one is the most like a Saltire giving it an unmistakable Scottish personality."

There are ten princess cut blue sapphires set in platinum. The centre diamond is a 0.53ct princess cut E colour VVS2 clarity. This ring is £5000

This design could come with your choice of gemstones in which ever colours you would like.



In addition to these rings we also source gemstones and make engagement rings for customers. We guide our customers through the whole process of designing a bespoke engagement ring and we work with budgets between £800 to £30,000. If you would like to discuss commissioning a bespoke ring please get in touch to use our free design service.

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