The magic that makes people Stay Together

The magic that makes people Stay Together

What makes one relationship last a lifetime when others fade away? What is that special bond that holds people together? 

This is what I was thinking about when I designed the Stay Together collection. 

I don't think there is a definitive answer to the question of why some people lose touch and others develop life long friendships. It's a kind of magic that remains a mystery. A power that is unexplained. 

The rings and bangles in the Stay Together collection are formed from D shaped wire. The flat sides of the wire twist as they come to the top, like growing shoots that are drawn to meet face to face with each other. Together, they form two halves of a circle. They complete each other and rest in harmony. 

I wanted this design to have something that held them together that wasn't soldered. I didn't want the bond to be forced. I wanted it to be held securely but freely. 

I drilled a continuous hole through the sections and threaded a gold wire to fill the space. The wire is wrapped round twice for luck and creates two gold rings. The gold is the magic that holds the pieces together. 

One section of the wire is matt finished and the other polished to show that they are similar but not the same. Yin and Yang. 

The Stay Collection has been bought as gifts between family members, as leaving gifts for colleagues who want to stay in touch, for friends and between lovers. Stay Together expresses the joy that you have each other in your lives and a statement that you want it to stay that way. 

You can find the Stay Together jewellery designs on this website under the Collections section. You can customise any of the designs with engraving or stones or change the combinations of the metals. For example, this is a ring that was made for an engagement. It is in yellow gold with white gold wire. It has two wrapped sections and a ruby is set inbetween them. 

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