Remodelling a one carat princess cut diamond.

Remodelling a one carat princess cut diamond.

This is a gorgeous remodelling commission just collected yesterday. The customer had a princess cut one carat diamond in a ring and she wanted it into a more contemporary design. We supplied and set ten round brilliant cut diamonds and set her stone in the middle of one of our ring designs. It is a very sleek look that holds the stone securely, protecting the edges most likely to be caught while allowing a totally different view of the stone side on. It's the kind of design you want to keep looking at from different angles.


We have made this design in different precious metals with different gemstones and each time, it looks really unique. Here's the same design in 18ct yellow gold with morganite and diamonds. 

I also have a blog of this ring design with a sapphire that belonged to my customer. 

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