Engagement Ring Transformation

Engagement Ring Transformation

It's so much fun when people come to collect their completed jewellery commission.

This platinum and diamond ring was made using three stones from my customer's existing engagement ring. She had a three stone ring with round stones. She wanted to make the new ring more modern and have more presence.

old engagement ring remade into new modern design

She has a crossover wedding ring with a row of princess cut diamonds in it so I suggested making a new ring with a princess cut diamond in the middle and adding another round diamond so she could have two graduated diamonds on either side of the centre stone.

five stone diamond engagement ring remodelling commission

The princess cut stone was positioned in a north south east west setting and the round stones have sweeping claws, lifting them up beautifully, ensuring this ring sits well next to her existing ring. 

modern diamond ring design by scottish jewellery designer Christine Sadler

Just look at the sparkle from this design! It's such a beautiful remodeling commission and she was very pleased with it when she collected it today. 😍🤩

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