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Bella Figura Mafaldine square ring

£220.00 GBP

This ring is completely handmade from sterling silver. This design is a one off and won't be repeated in this exact design for anyone else. It is a polished sheet of silver with a rippled edge on one side. It is made using a technique I have developed as there are no specific jewellery tools to create an edge like this. The inspiration for this design comes from Mafaldine pasta. The inspiration for the Bella Figura collection is explained in my blog.

It is a statement piece that will reflect light and attract attention. It is 24mm by 24mm on a 3mm flat top court band.

Mafaldine pasta was made to celebrate the birth of Princess Mafalda. She was born in 1902 and she was the daughter of the last King of Italy. Mafaldine (little Mafalda) sometimes called reginette (little queens) are narrow strips of flat pasta with ruffled edges and are associated with great joyous celebrations.

The shape looks absolutely stunning in metal because the curves of the edges of the design give the flat centre section an extra dimension as the light plays off of it, making the piece almost seem alive. It looks as if it is rippling in a giggle as if delighted to be in contact with the skin.