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Posie rings

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Posie by Christine Sadler

Posie rings are so called because they have short phrases engraved on them making them into minature precious wearable poems. They were popular in the 15th century through to the 17th century in England and France. Lovers would give a posie ring to show their life long commitment. 

Inspired by the name, our Posie collection has tiny flowers set with precious gemstones so you can build your very own Posie bouquet. Choose the colour of the metal, choose the gemstone, choose your words. The flower is a five pointed design as a popular phrase for Posie rings was Forget Me Not and this is the shape of the flower. 

Other phrases used in traditional rings were "Love Without Fear"  "Never To Change" "Let Us Share In Joy And Care"

We can hand engrave your own personal phrase. The rings are sold individually and can be added to at any point. 

The rings here are in 9ct white gold. The ring with the yellow gold flower is set with a diamond. The ring with the rose gold flower is set with a pink sapphire. The ring with the white flower is set with a yellow sapphire. 

The price includes the phrase which will be hand engraved. We'd recommend around 20 characters, otherwise the engraving will become very small and hard to read.

You can also choose to have the ring all polished or a combination of polished and matt. 

We have the rings shown here in stock for next day delivery. If you want a different combination, select the Your Choice option and contact us to discuss what you would like.