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Pear cut morganite and diamond 18ct white gold ring

£2,995.00 GBP

This is a breathtaking pear cut morganite set in a contemporary twist design.

The morganite measures 12mm by 7.5mm and weighs 2.5ct 

There are 24 brilliant cut diamonds set framing the morganite. 

The ring is made from a high palladium 18ct white gold alloy. This means that the 18ct white gold is not yellow but is alloyed with palladium which is much more expensive than silver which can be used in other white gold alloys. The use of palladium in the alloy not only makes the metal white it also makes it harder. The ring is highly polished and given a final finish with rhodium. The ring should be polished and the stones checked once a year but you won't see a yellow colour on the ring from wear as you sometimes do with mass produced items made from a poorer quality alloy.

Morganite engagement rings blush with an irresistible beauty. The morganites in our jewellery designs are mined in Brazil and Madagascar. To mine in these countries, you need a government certificate. All mining is done under government regulation so there is no possibility of the stones funding illegal wars or criminal activity.

The stones we buy are cut in Germany by very highly skilled lapidarists, so no children are involved in the cutting process as can be the case if the stones you buy are cut outside of Europe. The lapidary we use buys rough morganite from these two countries and then, after the stones are cut, they are graded and sold based on their quality rather than where they are sourced from so it is not possible to say if they come from Brazil or Madagascar but it is possible to guarantee that they are all produced and cut ethically.