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Gingerbread baby bracelet

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Gingerbread Baby by Christine Sadler

The Gingerbread Baby collection designed by Christine Sadler was made to bring joy. It's hard not to smile when you see its cute happy face.

These handmade pieces of jewellery are sparkle finished to give them a biscuity texture. They are then hand set with 0.01ct round black diamonds to represent the raisins.

The sterling silver Gingerbread Baby charm pendant is 16mm long by 10mm wide by 2mm deep. It had two black diamonds, 1pt each, for eyes and is pictured with and without a birthstone in it's tummy. You can choose any gemstone if you have a favourite colour or want a particular birthstone.

There is room on the back for engraving.

The charm is on a sterling silver candy bracelet that has interlocking silver links. More charms can be added to this bracelet or the charm can be sold on a different style of bracelet or sold separately if you have a bracelet you'd like to add it to.