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Bella Figura Maltagliati ring

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Bella Figura Maltagliati ring.

This sterling silver ring design is inspired by Maltagliati pasta. 

Bella Figura is a collection of jewellery inspired by the Italian philosophy that life should be lived in beauty. It’s about appreciating all the ways life can bring joy - how one looks, how one comports oneself, how one makes the best possible impression in all things. The spirit of Bella Figura goes well beyond image, visual beauty and presentation…it also is defined by behaviour: knowing how to properly and graciously interact with others in any social or public situation. Exhibiting good manners, tact and gentility is an essential component of “cutting a beautiful figure”.

Inspiration for this theme was found in the shapes and forms of pasta. Pasta takes real skill to design and to make. Most of the shapes have been invented by women and the techniques passed down through  generations, from mother to daughter.

Maltagliati is a shape of pasta that means “badly cut”. Originally, these pasta shapes would have been made from left over scraps of a tagliatelle cutting session but their shapes nowadays are more stylised. Some look like elongated diamonds with four sides. This sterling silver ring is made to look like an overlapped section of irregular pasta curled around the finger. It has been sparkle finished on the lower section and polished finished on the top section.

The ring measures 12mm at the widest section where it overlaps and it tapers to 3mm wide at the back.