The Design Experience

The design experience is a lot of fun and we know how to make it stress free.

Taking the time to get exactly the right piece of jewellery for a gift or a ring to propose with is a lovely thing to do. If you want to see some of the special jewellery commissions we have made, you can see them and read the stories behind them on our jewellery blog.

The first stage is to get in touch and have a very informal chat. Let us know what sort of thing you have in mind and we can help you transform your ideas into a high quality item of jewellery.

If you are thinking of proposing with a unique engagement ring, here's a taste of what the process might involve. Some people might have in mind a specific cut of diamond or a particular gemstone. Some people want Christine Sadler to design a ring that has special meaning to them, for example, a particular place that they love to go to. Whatever you have in mind, we’ll be happy to chat through ideas for free.

Once we understand the brief, we’ll let you set the budget. This gives you complete control and you won’t have to worry about spending more than you want to.

We source loose stones for customers to allow them to select their perfect stone. When we source stones, there is no obligation to take any as we can return them to our stone dealers. If you do fall in love with one particular stone, we would take payment for the stone at that point. We can send you videos of the stones, photographs taken with a close up macro lens and you can arrange to see the stones in person at our shop.


These are a selection of stones that the customer viewed close up as well as next to each other before making their selection which we set in the ring above.



The next stage is the drawings. We design and then provide photo realistic drawings to allow you to see what we think is the right design to fit your brief. At this stage, you can still change any aspect of the design. Once we have a design that you are completely happy with we will creating it in your choice of precious metal.


This is the first set of drawings created for a customer for a bespoke Stepping Stones ring. The customer asked for the drawings to be changed so that there were more smaller stones with a larger centre stone. The drawings really help to visualise the design and making the changes now before the ring is completed allows for this kind of flexibility, ensuring the final ring is just as you hope it will be. 



The whole process can take anywhere from three weeks to two to three months, depending on how long it takes to source the right gemstone and to design and make the ring.

You can get in touch through our website or social media. Everything is kept private and confidential and no images are shared until after you have proposed and told your friends and family. 

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