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The Oh Wait! wedding ring

£3,600.00 GBP

If you wondered what the story was behind the Oh Wait! wedding ring here's the explanation. This is a customised version of the design Christine Sadler created for herself and her husband. 


In 2008 Christine and Christopher got married. They had been engaged since 1998 and started this business in 1999 together. They felt they had both taken a long time to feel the time was right and so they decided to get married on the 8th of August 2008  08/08/08 because it sounded like oh wait, oh wait, oh wait! 


The wedding ring has princess cut diamonds set on a diamond shape and the sections of metal next to each diamond is split in two. The pattern is a combination of zeros which are the diamonds and eights which are the split metal section. The eights look like sand timers representing the preciousness of every moment and the diamonds symbolise eternity. 


This version of their wedding rings is 4mm wide, made from 18ct white gold and is set with 18 princess cut diamonds 0.05ct each giving a total diamond carat weight of 0.90ct.

If you would like Christine to design a unique wedding ring just for you with special meaning, get in touch to discuss ideas. You can also browse through our commission blog to see some of the other one off pieces Christine has designed for customers and read the story behind each piece.