Jewellery gifts to say you are special

Sometimes you want to give someone a gift just to remind them how special you think they are. The Beautiful collection has jewellery engraved "beautiful" on the outside and "beautiful" on the inside. The Hero collection was designed for people who are admired because they give up their time to help others. Integrity was designed for people who are good through and through. Ripple was inspired by the Gandhi quote "be the change you want to see in the world" and is for the people who send ripples of goodness wherever they go. 

You can commission a piece of jewellery for someone too like this pendant which was designed for an 18th birthday. It is engraved "close my eyes, trust my instincts and leap!" The bar in the middle is set with an emerald and leaps up and down as the pendant is worn. Christine was told that this pendant means so much to the girl who was given it and has given her to courage she needed as she starts a new adventurous stage in her life. 

Hello You!

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