Graffiti is well-known for being provocative, creative, bold and uncompromising and in recent years has been recognised as a valuable art form. This iconic signature collection celebrates the spirit of graffiti in stylish platinum, gold or silver with the option of being set with diamonds.

To capture this uncompromising attitude, Christine uses car enamel for the colouring. In addition to being a deliberate reference to the world of graffiti art, car enamel allows the colour in the design to be changed as many times as you desire, a first in the world of jewellery.

The unique fitting on the pendant is designed to allow the three overlapping pendants to be changed easily by the wearer for a variety of different looks. This is a creative and ground breaking feature that Christine invented in 2000. The three sections can be sold individually, so you can build up the collection over time.

For the ultimate Graffiti expression, you can commission items from this collection with your own unique wording, so you can be as bold and provocative as you want!

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