Jewellery gifts that show you care

When you have something good, it's important to look after it. A gift from any of these collections says that you value the relationship you share. Stay Together is a unique collection designed to show that now that you know each other, you want to keep in touch forever. It could be a leaving gift for a friend of colleague, a gift between family members or even between lovers. The Embrace collection was designed to symbolise a hug, a supportive connection with someone you really care about. A gift from the Kiss and Make up collection is ideal for long term relationships where you know that you can disagree but will never stop being friends. 

This pendant featured here is a customised pendant from the Kiss and Make up collection. It was handmade for a ruby wedding anniversary. The customer asked us to make it with a ruby in the arm of one of the sections so it looked like it was wearing a ruby ring. Every one of our designs can be customised to make it just right for the gift you want to give. 

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