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The Arrow Diamond

£7,550.00 GBP

This is a one of a kind arrow cut diamond ring.

The diamond is cut in the shape of an arrow head. The top surface is faceted with a briolette cut which is very unusual. This creates a unique sparkle that makes it look different to any other diamond. 

Arrows are symbols of love. Cupid's arrow is famous for causing that head over heels feeling when you meet your true love. Arrows also symbolise protection and travel which can be thought of as your journey together. 

The diamond is 1.05ct. It is set in platinum, the diamond is held in two claws on the curved side and a V shaped claw on the opposite side that protects the point of the stone. 

This diamond ring design will never be repeated and will come with a certificate that guarantees that this is the only one of this design that we will ever make.